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glass fused to steel tanks

Glass Fused To Steel Tanks

Our GFS Tanks are produced in the UK in partnership with PERMASTORE® and have been in use for decades, providing excellent service and design life with the minimum of maintenance.

The world leading TRIFUSION® coating is the minimum standard supplied by BIODOME in the Asia market and is suitable for the majority of applications.

This is the only tank finish where two materials are fused together to achieve the best of both: the strength and flexibility of the steel combined with the corrosion resistance of the glass. The high temperature fusion of glass to steel fired at 850°C results in an inert, durable finish. Applied to both interior and exterior, the GFS technology is able to withstand the rigours of the construction site and provide many years of trouble free service in harsh environments.

The PERMASTORE® GFS tank solution comes with DWI Approved coatings for drinking water applications and fully complies with the new industry quality standard ISO 28765:2008.

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