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double membrane gas holders

Double Membrane Gas Holders

BIODOME works in partnership to deliver the industry-leading BIODOME Double Membrane Gas Holder for water, agricultural and municipal markets in the UK.

This state-of-the-art design utilises the highest strength membranes available in the global market, making it suitable for a wide range of working gas pressures, storage volumes and gas production rates and can accommodate the requirements of any sewerage, wastewater treatment, industrial effluent and biogas plant.

It can be supplied as an independent free-standing unit or installed to provide biogas storage mounted to the top of a steel or concrete Anaerobic Digestion tank; these top mounted installations can be provided to fit an existing tank or as a replacement for failing floating roof systems.

The high strength of the membrane, together with market-leading design and manufacturing facilities allows BIODOME to design and construct the Gas Holders in standard sizes up to 20,000m³, surpassing any other system available.

It is also possible to extend the services to optional project ancillaries and steel structures manufactured in-house by our highly trained team to enhance the biogas facility.

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